The EP Approach

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5 Tips on How Not to Waste Your EP

Celeste Debro

You’re ready for your EP! But why though? EP’s are becoming highly popular due to the new undefined music industry but what’s the purpose? EPs have become a demo for your current and prospective fans to know what you’re working with. Essentially you are raising awareness of your talent. Even though EP means extended player its usually shorter than an album but more than just your single.

But when is a good time to work/release your EP?

Is it good time because you think it’s time, it just feels right, you haven’t put your music out in a while or you haven’t put out music at all? Don’t let your reasoning be irrelevant to your career.

I’m going to need you to back up. Like, seriously. It’s time to take your emotions out of your career and start thinking rationally and strategically. What do I mean? I mean you need to take a realistic approach to your music and your career. Like, why sale an EP with no fan base? Who the heck are you selling it to? Why are you using valuable resources to make a non-valuable impact? Here is a simple list of things you should consider before creating your project. I don’t have all of the answers and not one solution works for everybody so take this and apply to your situation.

1. Do You Have an Audience?

Like more than your friends and family. If you do not have an audience you may not want to put something together for purchase to send out to 100 people. I’m just saying, start with the free singles, perform around town and create some buzz and some fans to help you build a reputable audience. Or offer them the music for a donation. Get your seed money and fans!  The EP or any content that you produce should bring awareness to you and your brand. So keep that in mind while creating your package.

2. Is Your Sound Legit?

Do not put out a project with a country, hip-hop and folk music tracks on it. Is your sound cohesive? Can someone describe your music to you the way you see it? If not there may be some disconnect and you may need to develop a little more before you brand your music incorrectly. Your sound is apart of your brand. You become a trusted agent to your audience when you define your sound. What I mean is that they look to you for a certain feeling or mood. You do the same with your favorite artists right? You’re not going to play Kanye West because you feel like hearing acid jazz. No, you go to your favorite acid jazz group. My point is just don’t be all over the place.

3. When are you going to release it?

Be strategic in your release date. Release the project in good timing for you. Don’t rush and get it out just because. Many of you feel pressure to release due to your birthday coming up or you haven't done anything is sooooo long. Chill. Do your homework and come up with a plan. It's really not about the when, it's about the how! What's the strategy behind releasing it? This is perhaps the most important thing to figure out before you get started. Only you can prevent forrest fires…

4. How Are You Going to Market?

One more time: Be strategic. What kind of promotional material do you need? How are you going to distribute? How do you reach more of your audience? Try aligning yourself with blogs, other artists, promoters, PR and/or anybody else that has a similar audience that can put you in front of more people. What are interactive ways that your audience and new comers can be interactive pertaining to your release? Awareness is key.

5. What’s Your Price?

Pick a distributor (CDBabyTuneCoreSoundcloud, BandCampReverbNation,  NoiseTrade, etc.). And don’t knock the Free! Free has its perks (especially if your are collecting emails in exchange for your music). Yes, you can build your fan base through your sound. I suggest you consider this if your main goal is to reach more people and build a fan base for upcoming projects. If you are selling it pick a price you would pay. Don’t charge like $15 for 3 songs…. UNREAL Be realistic and affordable for your product.

Good luck and don’t forget to create the plan and the music!

For more personalized assistance with your EP or other projects contact Celeste Debro and schedule a little time.