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Services starting at $50/hour.

There are many moving parts to being a successful independent artist. You do not have to figure it out alone! You can define and conquer your own success with proper guidance. Let TAP help you assist you.

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Strategic Planning

Once your mission is defined its time set your goals, desired outcomes, strategies, measures, targets and results. Planning sessions will help you to manage time, cost, quality, change, risk and issues that may arise during your career. 

Smart Budgeting

When working on projects or investing in yourself it is important to understand your finances and where to put your money. Make what you have work best for you and learn how to improve your odds. 

Album/EP Preparation

Putting out a project can often get complicated. Learning the purpose and objective of your project, your budget, your team and all of the intricate details you need to launch a successful project.  

Tour Preparation

Are you ready to tour? Putting together your own tour is exciting! Find out the best ways to budget, map out, capitalize and put together all of the moving parts to make your tour a success. 

Artist Development

This is for the artist who needs to focus on building and defining skills, gaining the artist mindset, understanding and navigating the industry and understanding who you are and your value in preparation for a project release.